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Hurricane season forecast: Will this year be like last?

There are two hurricane seasons; one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic. While they don’t coincide perfectly on the dates that they run, these two seasons do directly impact each other. 

Last year, activity in the Pacific was very low, but we saw record breaking storm activity in the Atlantic. Usually, these two ocean seesaw back and forth. If the Pacific is active, the Atlantic is not and vice versa. 

CSU's hurricane season forecast

This year, experts at Colorado State University expect another intense hurricane season. Their forecast suggests that we will see seventeen named tropical storms of which eight will intensify to hurricane status. 

We've yet to see a named storm in the Atlantic basin this year
Andres has already been used

The potential names for this year’s season have been released, and no greek names will be used to help keep communications clearer about these storms.

Whether or not those specific numbers will be reached will only be known as time rolls on, but we do know that the environment is primed for tropical system development.

Check back tomorrow for more on what conditions have fallen in line for a potentially intense hurricane season in tomorrow’s Stormtrack Insider Blog.

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