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SATURDAY UPDATES: Missouri reports more than 600 new cases of COVID-19

05-01-21 Missouri COVID data
ABC17 News
05-01-21 Missouri COVID data

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 628 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed through PCR testing on Saturday. In total, 502,267 cases have been found in the state of Missouri since the start of the pandemic.

The state also added 220 new probable cases through antigen testing, bringing that total to 83,406.

Two new deaths were reported on Saturday. The Show Me State's death toll is now at 8,743.

Missouri's 7-day positivity rate has continued to climb, hitting 5% Saturday. That is up from 4.7% on Thursday, and 4.9% on Friday.

Hospitals across Missouri are reporting 822 patients dealing with COVID-19 infections. Of those, 137 are in the ICU and 95 are on ventilators.

In the state's fight against the virus, 37.6% of the population has received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. That means 2,308,315 people have started the process.

Of those, 28.6% of the population has finished the process, which is 1,735,011 Missourians.

In total, 3,920,555 doses of the vaccine have been given out in Missouri.

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  1. The increase in cases is all that matters? Regardless there is no corresponding increase in deaths, or it would have been reported here. Which means an increase in COVID cases is no more relevant than and increase in dandruff or acne. By the way, there is an increase in acne, caused by people wearing masks.

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