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SATURDAY UPDATES: State moves closer to 500,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19

MISSOURI COVID-19 Data 4-24-21
MISSOURI COVID-19 Data 4-24-21

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 467 new cases of the virus on Saturday, bringing the total number of PCR test confirmed cases of the virus to 499,319.

In addition, the state also added 249 probable antigen cases, bringing that number to 81,945.

Two new deaths were reported on Saturday, the death toll in Missouri now at 8,694.

The Show Me State's 7-day positivity rate was reported at 4.9 percent on Saturday. It has hovered under and around 5 percent for the past few weeks.

In the state's health care system, 788 patients are dealing with COVID-19 infections in hospitals. Of those, 135 are in the ICU and 73 are on ventilators.

In the fight against the virus, 36% of the population has received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. That equals 2,208,926 people who have started the process.

Of those, 25.7% of the state's population has finished the vaccine process, meaning 1,577,976 people. Patients are not consider fully vaccinated until two weeks after their last shot.

In total, 3,667,417 doses of the vaccine have been put into the arms of Missourians.

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  1. “State moves closer to 500,000 confirmed cases”
    A very misleading headline.
    None of the PCR confirmed cases counted before January 20 2021 are valid. In July 2020 Fauci declared the PCR test useless if 35 or more cycles were used, because of excessive false positives. Which means the WHO, CDC, and the FDA all were equally aware this was so no later than Fauci was. Yet all three continued to recommend 40 cycles be used until January 20 this year.
    Just another in the long line of deceptions used to continue the fleecing of the public while at the same time visiting tyranny upon it. I don’t know what the Medical Industrial Complex’s goals are, but our health is not among them.

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