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SUNDAY UPDATES: Reported hospitalizations across the state continue to fall over the weekend


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 254 new cases of COVID-19 in the state on Sunday, bringing the total up to 496,411 throughout the pandemic.

The state also reported 116 new positive probably antigen tests, totaling 80,528 across the Show-Me State. That number was dramatically reduced Saturday by more than 11,000 after the state deleted duplicate PCR and antigen tests.

No new deaths were reported on Sunday, keeping the total number 8,635.

The state's positivity rate dropped slightly Sunday to 4.9%, after hitting 5% on Saturday.

Patients in the hospital with COVID-19 dropped significantly again on Sunday, now at 728. That is 68 less than what was reported on Saturday. Of those, 117 are reported to be in the ICU, and 71 are on ventilators.

Vaccinations continue across the state, the health department now reporting that 2,096,776 people have started the vaccine process. That is about 34.2% of the Missouri's population.

Of those, 1,420,881 have completed the process, which is about 23.2%. Patients are not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second dose.

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  1. “Patients are not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second dose.”
    At which time they will STILL not be “fully vaccinated” by any common definition of such. These vaccines do NOT provide immunity, and even the profiteering makers don’t claim they do. The may reduce symptom severity, which may have some influence in reducing transmission. If you aren’t coughing and sneezing, you’re obviously less likely to transmit. They do NOT prevent transmission, which makes them a useless basis for any “vaccine passport”
    Statistics continue to indicate the virus is in decline. Hospitalizations and deaths in decline regardless of any increase in cases.

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