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SATURDAY UPDATES: More than 618,000 Missourians have completed vaccination

COVID-19 numbers in Missouri on 03-13-21
COVID-19 numbers in Missouri on 03-13-21


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 451 new COVID-19 cases Saturday. There have been 483,183 cases of the virus reported in the state.

The state has reported 2,399 new cases of the virus in the past seven days.

DHSS also reported three new Coronavirus-related deaths. The death toll in Missouri sits at 8,310.

The state has reported eleven deaths in the past seven days.

There were 891 people hospitalized with the virus on Saturday.

In Missouri 618,918 people have completed vaccination.

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  1. Congratulations to the 618,000 who have been successfully convinced, mostly by bald faced lies, to participate in the criminal enterprise involving application of experimental vaccines that have had no testing at all for long term safety, or efficacy. You are now that test. Since the cases and associated effects have been quickly declining, there is no emergency to justify using a vaccine allowed only “emergency use” status by the FDA, not approval. I sincerely hope that the long term test works out well for you, but my hope provides little comfort. There is a long list of medical products and procedures that WERE tested for long term safety, but didn’t end up being so safe after all. My hope is that you win the Russian Roulette you are engaged in.

  2. The vaccines aren’t vaccines by common understanding. They do not provide immunity. Even the profiteering makers don’t claim so. All that’s claimed is that they should reduce the severity of symptoms, just as a number of medications and supplements with real long term safety testing and history do.

  3. All the “total pandemic” stats are so much garbage, since they include stats from all last year up until January 20. At which time the WHO and CDC “discovered” a thing they had known for 8 or 9 months. In July of 2020 Fauci stated that the PCR test was useless if 35 or more cycles were used, because of an extreme number of false positives. If Fauci knew it, rest assured so did the WHO and the CDC. They both never the less continued recommending 40 cycles until January 20 2021, just hours after Biden was elected (?). Gee, it’s almost as if the WHO and the CDC INTENDED to exaggerate the numbers. Nothing to see here, hustle up on that line to get stuck with a highly profitable and largely untested, and unneeded vaccine.

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