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SUNDAY UPDATES: Coronvirus hospitalizations decrease

Missouri COVID-19 numbers on 02-28-21
Missouri COVID-19 numbers on 02-28-21


The Department of Health and Senior Services reports there have been 478,224 cases of COVID-19 in Missouri. The Department reported 274 new cases of the virus on Sunday.

Missouri ranked 31st in the nation for new cases reported in the past seven days.

DHSS reported the death toll in Missouri at 7,919.

Hospitalizations lowered on Sunday from 1,209 to 1,172.

As of Sunday, 436,025 people in Missouri had received both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine.

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  1. Cases, and so hospitalizations and deaths, are declining because months after many of us became aware of it, the WHO magically “discovered” that the number of cycles used in the PCR test is critical to its usefulness. Lowering the number from 40 previously recommended to that which Fauci recommended way back in July last year when he stated that the use of 35 or more produced such vast false positives in rendered the test useless. Which means all the case and death numbers from last year are in grievous, perhaps monumental error, and there were actually far fewer than reported.

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