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Columbia City Council to discuss COVID-19 economic losses, new city app

The Conventions and Visitors Bureau 2020 numbers


The Columbia City Council is set to meet Monday to discuss the Convention and Visitors Bureau's COVID-19 economic losses, a new app for the city and CARES Act funding, among other items.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday at 7 p.m. at Columbia's City Hall.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau will share an update on what the department accomplished in 2020.

The bureau shared numbers as they compared to 2019.

Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau 2020 Annual Report

The Convention and Visitors Bureau reported losing 108 events due to COVID-19.

Events lost reflects meetings, conventions and amateur sporting events.

The bureau also lost over 17,000 room nights and nearly $40,000,000 less was spent on tourism related spending.

The city council is also expected to discuss a new app aimed at connecting residents with a comprehensive array of city information.

The MyCOMO app will provide information on topics such as city government, upcoming events, utility services, outage maps and directories.

The MyCOMO app is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

The city council will also discuss authorizing and ratifying an amendment to agreements with Boone County for administration of CARES Act Funding for PPE and public health.

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  1. A self inflicted wound. Inflicted to prevent the spread of a slightly maybe could be a bit more dangerous than ordinary virus. As is true nationwide, the cure is worse than the disease. The very notion we must destroy our economic, social, and mental health to prevent the spread of this not so terribly dangerous after all virus is insane on its face. The powers that be continue to act as if the original prediction of millions of deaths in the US were true and accurate. The fact that Florida with near zero restrictions has better numbers than many with abundant restrictions demonstrates the futility of such suicidal action. Long past time to recognize COVID for what it is. A bad flu.

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