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More details revealed after Camdenton baby burned in bath


Camden police are looking for a father after a baby was badly burned on Feb. 13.

Officials say Samuel Webster gave the child a bath that caused substantial burns on the child's body. A day after the injuries, the father took the child to Lake Regional Hospital with second-degree burns from the abdomen down.

The probable cause statement states that Webster told hospital staff the injuries were from 'lukewarm water.'

During the investigation two day later, Webster told deputies the rash was from a combination of aloe sun relief cream and diaper rash cream according to court documents.

The child is was taken to a Springfield hospital for treatment and is listed in serious condition.

During the investigation, a doctor from the Springfield hospital stated the burns appear to be those where the victim is dunked into hot water and no splash marks.

Officials say Webster is now in custody.

Webster is wanted for felony abuse or neglect of a child causing serious physical injury. He is currently wanted on a no bond warrant stemming from this investigation.

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