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2020: A Year in Review

Last year as a whole was unlike any other in many ways. One thing that held relatively steady in comparison with years past was our weather. We saw it all: rain, snow, sleet, flooding, severe storms, and even scorching hot days. Although the weather fluctuated with intensity at times, overall, we were pretty close to our climate averages.

Our average highest temperature each year for mid-Missouri is 100 degrees where our average lowest temperature in the area is -7 degrees. This year, our warmest days were both in July. On the 11th and 18th, we reached 95 degrees. While that is still pretty hot, it turns out that it was actually below average. On the other hand, our coldest day was February 14th with a high temperature of zero degrees. The average coldest real air temperature is -7, so I think most of us are content with not hitting that average this year.

While our temperatures didn’t quite reach those averages, our precipitation amounts surpassed their expected average. This year we saw 44.74" of precipitation this year. On average, we normally see 38.49” of precipitation a year. Don’t worry if you don’t remember us getting so much rain and snow….December was our driest month at .9” of precipitation total.

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Maddie Est

Maddie Est appears on ABC 17’s weekend evening broadcasts. She grew up in St. Louis, and her passion for weather originated from a young age thanks to all the different weather that St. Louis receives. She is currently studying Atmospheric Science at the University of Missouri.


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