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SATURDAY UPDATES: State reports fewer than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 case numbers on 12-26-20
COVID-19 case numbers on 12-26-20


ORIGINAL: The Department of Health and Senior Services reported 1,756 new COVID-19 cases Saturday.

There have been 380,643 cases of the virus across Missouri.

The state has reported 15,491 new Coronavirus cases within the past seven days. Missouri ranks 19th in the nation for new cases reported in that time.

As of Saturday, 3,568,549 people had been tested for the virus.

DHSS reported only one new death related to the virus on Saturday, raising the death to 5,309.

On Saturday there were 2,821 patients hospitalized with the virus, with 685 in the intensive care unit.

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Sydney Olsen

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  1. Except for the number tested, all other “facts” in this article are fabricated out of thin air. The PCR test was proclaimed useless for such purpose by the man who invented it. Doctor Fauci stated that the test was useless because of false positives if 35 or more cycles were used. The CDC is recommending 40 cycles. Use your brain for something besides an ear spacer, ladies and gentlemen. The numbers being used to scare you have no factual foundation. I don’t fault all of the “experts” proclamations as intentional deception. Many of them believe they are standing on solid ground, that they aren’t being deceived themselves. Our economic, social, and mental health are being destroyed on the basis of erroneous numbers. Is there a COVID virus? Quite likely. Is it as dangerous as we’ve been led to believe? Unlikely. We have no evidence that supports such, and neither do those that lead the deception.

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