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Columbia and Boone County leaders scheduled to meet to discuss COVID-19


The Boone County Commission and Columbia City Council are scheduled to meet tomorrow and both are expected to discuss COVID-19.

This, as the county is seeing numbers both locally and statewide remain high.

Locally, Boone County's positivity rate sits at 27.3%, a 6.8% drop from last weeks number of 34.1% The CDC has said any number above 10, is cause for concern.

The county also added 153 new cases on Friday. Boone has seen new daily case numbers remain over 100 all but five days in December.

Hospitalizations also increased on Friday. Boone reported 33 residents currently hospitalized with COVID-19, a six person increase from Thursday.

The dashboard is also reporting 37 COVID-19 patients in the ICU and 15 patients on ventilators.

Statewide, numbers have also been trending upward.

Missouri's COVID-19 dashboard reported COVID-19 hospitalizations were up, with 2,757

Hospitalizations have remained above 2,400 in the state since Nov. 15.

ICU admissions are also up in the latest update, with 635 Missourians in ICU beds.

State health officials said Missouri ranked 15th in the US for new COVID-19 deaths over the last seven days. The state was also 19th for new positive cases over the same time period.

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  1. “The CDC has said any number above 10, is cause for concern.”
    Which just so happens to be the same agency that recommends 40 cycles for the PCR test. While back in July Doctor Fauci himself stated that 35 or more made the test unreliable because of extensive false positives. So, the CDC which proclaims the danger of such increases in cases, positivity, hospitalization, and deaths from cases, is the same one that is responsible for creating them, by encouraging faulty testing. With erroneous testing you get erroneous results. We have no idea what the correct numbers are, other than they are far lower than the testing indicates.

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