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SATURDAY UPDATES: State reports more than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases

Missouri COVID-19 numbers on 12-19-20
Missouri COVID-19 numbers on 12-19-20


ORIGINAL: The Department of Health and Senior Services reported Saturday there have been 363,114 cases of COVID-19 across the state. Missouri ranks 19th in the nation for new cases in the last seven days.

The department reported a total of 4,904 deaths related to the virus. That is an increase of 51 deaths. The state ranks 15th in the nation for new deaths in the last seven days.

At least 3,451,230 people have been tested for the virus.

On Saturday there were 2,721 people hospitalized with the virus and 598 people in intensive care.

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  1. Since testing is done per the recommendations of the CDC, one of which is 40 cycles for the PCR test, and Doctor Fauci himself stated in July that the test created abundant false positives, to the point of being useless, if 35 or more were used, the only thing we really know about these numbers is that they are far higher than the real numbers.

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