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Missouri reaches settlement with former Florida veterans charity


The Missouri Attorney General's Office reached a proposed settlement with a former Florida nonprofit over its business practices.

The proposed settlement with Healing Heroes Network, Heroes Giveaway and its directors filed in Cole County allows several states to collect $95,000 from the group. The states involved, including Missouri, claim the nonprofit misused money meant to help veterans hurt in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Missouri is one of eleven states to settle the lawsuit with the charities and officers Stacey, Neal and Allan Spiegel of Trinity, Florida. The lawsuit led by the state of Washington claims the charity spent little on veterans care despite taking in thousands of dollars of donations.

The proposed settlement said that the states will agree on a veterans care charity to give the $95,000 to if approved. The Spiegels will also be barred from running a charity for five years.

The proposal doesn't say how many Missourians donated to the charity. Missouri Attorney General spokesperson Chris Nuelle declined to comment on the proposal, but said more information would be forthcoming.

The Washington Attorney General's Office sued in 2018 over the charity's operation, according to ABC affiliate KOMO. The Spiegels dissolved Healing Heroes once the state started investigating them in 2017. Another charity, Hero Giveaways, started up shortly thereafter. Business records show that charity dissolved in 2019.

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