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Parts of the northeast saw 6″ per hour snowfall rates with latest Nor’easter

Even for the northeast, yesterday's snow storm was a sight to behold. A crushing band of snow sat across the I-86/I-88 corridors dumping snowfall rates of 4-6" per hour... for nearly 8 hours.

You do the math. That puts you at 32-48" of snow... which is around what most folks in that area measured in that area by early Thursday morning.

Radar imagery from late last night shows that monster snow band underway. The deep yellow and oranges represent snow that was falling at 4 to 6" per hour.

It's a bit difficult to imagine this type of snow if you've never seen it before. Mid-Missouri has certainly had it's fair share of heavier snow events... and it's not impossible for our area to see snow rates that are as heavy as 1, to maybe 2" per hour. However, that heavy rate MAY last a few hours at most.

The best way to think about how heavy last night's was? Imagine the heaviest snow you've ever seen and now triple it. Now imagine that lasts for 8 hours.

That will get you close to what several states across the northeast experienced last night.

For you snow-lovers, this was a holy-grail-type snow event. One of the most astounding reports came out of Sanbornton, New Hampshire. In a mere four hours, 23.6" of snow was recorded.

That comes out to an inch of snow every ten minutes. Unreal!


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