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Columbia, Boone County leaders meet for COVID-19 update

Columbia City Hall
Columbia City Hall


Leaders met Monday morning to discuss the record-setting COVID-19 numbers in Boone County during a conference call hosted by the Boone County Commission.

The conference call took place at 8:30 this morning and lasted about 25 minutes.

This comes as Boone County set a record with its highest positivity rate since the beginning of the pandemic, at 37.3 percent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that any positivity rate above 10 percent is cause for concern. Boone County has now entered its fifth straight week with a positivity rate above 25 percent.

The county only saw one other such week, coming the last week of August.

Hospitals in the county have also seen surges. Boone County's COVID-19 dashboard currently has the healthcare system capacity level at yellow.

There are 149 patients hospitalized with the virus in Boone, according to the latest update made on Friday.

Hospitals are reporting 44 patients in ICU's and 16 who are on ventilators.

Columbia city leaders will also meet Monday night. The Columbia City Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. and the agenda includes a COVID-19 update.

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Ben Fein



  1. We don’t need “leaders”, whoever they are, we need facts regarding COVID, and we aren’t getting any that are relevant. The explosion in case numbers does not correlate with the number of deaths, which are NOT exploding. The test used to determine case numbers and the positivity rate are woefully inaccurate, with a definite trend toward false positives. Likewise an increase in testing will increase the number of cases. Meanwhile, the infection/fatality rate, the percentage of those infected who die, remains steady at 0.013% in Missouri. Which is well below the upper boundary of ordinary influenza. Meanwhile, hospitals are paid a bonus for COVID admission. Which has curiously reduced the number of those admitted with influenza, pneumonia, TB, and other respiratory disease. So far, these so called “leaders” are leading us with less than the truth.

    1. What you’re saying doesn’t add up. Look here:

      A scientific article shows that cases per million and deaths per million correlate at the very high level of R = 0.926. More cases correlate with more deaths. Unfortunately we have both. deaths are exploding. We lost more people each day in the last several days than the 9/11 attack. Each day.

      The infection fatality rate is not 0.013% as you claim, but rather 1.13%, so it is actually 100 times higher than you claim.

      Where did you learn that hospitals are paid a “bonus” for COVID patients? How much are they, by whom, and from what funding source?

      What are your motives for spreading misinformation and doubt on every local news article?

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