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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do local health officials have too much power to enact orders?

A group of Republican lawmakers wants to limit the power of local health directors, citing frustration at orders meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

If the bill becomes law it would impose limits on how long such local orders could remain in effect before triggering a review by the state health department or lawmakers.

Give your thoughts below.

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  1. They should have no such authority at all. They were not elected. “Experts” have been massaging their egos at our expense for far too long already. Most often with little to no facts to back them up. There is no empirical evidence that any of the edicts they produce is in anyway effective in achieving the proclaimed effects they desire. Some of the most restrictive places in the world have suffered the most ill effects. Not to mention the sacrifice of our economic, social, and psychological health in the process, all of which are just as necessary for life as preventing a viral infection. It’s beyond a shadow of doubt that the cure is worse than the disease. Especially since a great deal of the “facts” promulgated are nothing of the kind.

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