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Saturday updates: State COVID-19 numbers continue to rise

missouri covid-19


The state health department reported 4,876 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, according to it's dashboard. This puts Missouri at 267,312 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Saturday's increase is up from the 4,614 new cases reported Friday.

The state also added 18 new deaths bringing the total to 3,555.

Total tests reported across the state went down by 9,082 from Friday's total of 2,899,986.

The seven-day positivity rate calculated using the CDC's method also went down Saturday to 21.7%.

Missouri currently ranks 11th in new cases and 20th in new deaths.

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  1. That would be cases and positivity rise, death numbers aren’t corresponding, nor cooperating with the propaganda. In fact, the infection/fatality rate is falling. For a couple of months it was steady at about 0.016%. With the above number for total deaths, 3,555, divided by total cases, 267,312, the current infection/fatality rate is 0.013%, which is well within the boundaries of ordinary influenza. Last week it was 0.014%. This is a direct result of more testing finding more cases. Too bad for the propaganda machine they can’t find a way of increasing deaths, at least not without considerable risk of jail time.

    1. Dear Alice,

      This is the 7th time I have had to correct your math. You are leaving out a step that makes your math off by a factor of 100–since I have posted the correct formula repeatedly, I have come to the conclusion that you are intentionally trying to misrepresent the numbers.

      Here again is the formula for calculating a percentage:

      (part divided by whole) which results in a decimal number, then multiply that result by 100 to convert to a percentage

      So, for the Covid fatality rate: (number of deaths/number of positive cases) times 100. Using the numbers on Missouri’s Covid site now, (3684/280000) x 100= 1.31%. Now, if we look at new positive cases yesterday in Missouri, 3,995, 1.31%, or 52, of those are expected to die. As of Nov 18th, 70,287 new Covid cases have been added in Missouri alone. 1.31% of that number is 920. This is just for part of November.

      Let’s look at that number again-1.31% of those who contract Covid are dying. The fatality rate for influenza fluctuates year by year, but averages .1%–If you contract Covid, you are 13 times more likely to die than if you contract the flu. Last year, 34,200 flu deaths are listed by the CDC for the United States, this year, so far, there are 256,000 deaths due to Covid or about seven times the number who died from the flu in all of last year.

      We can differ on how we feel we, as a familiy, state or country, react to these numbers, but, the numbers are the numbers. The math is the math. We should base our decisions on the correct numbers-not numbers that are off by a factor of 100.


      information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

  2. No such virus has ever been contained once it reaches the general population. What’s happening is exactly what should be expected, not over reacted to. But of course that’s all governments know to do when there is nothing constructive they can do.

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