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Columbia Health Department shares Thanksgiving safety guidance



The Columbia/Boone County Health Department is advising against most travel in their Thanksgiving guidance.

The guidance outlines risk levels for different holiday activities, which were laid out by the CDC.

Low risk activities include having a Thanksgiving dinner with only people in your household, having a virtual dinner and watching sports and parades from your house among others.

The department also lists high risk activities such as going to busy shopping locations, participating in a crowded running race and attending large indoor gatherings.

While the department never advises against all travel, they state the best way to protect yourself and others is to stay at home.

If you have to travel, it is suggested you take your own vehicle as opposed to public transportation as it increases your chances at contracting or spreading COVID-19.

The department also recommends that visits to vulnerable family and friends are done so in the most limited basis.

Shopping is another staple of the holiday season. Guidance from the health department suggests visiting online stores, avoid visibly large crowds and utilize curbside pick up options when available.

Volunteering guidance suggests opting for virtual options as opposed to volunteering in person.

Community events have had to adjust due to these COVID-19 guidelines.

Almeta Crayton's 'Everybody Eats' event which provides meals to the less fortunate are having to move to a drive-thru event this year.

The program said they're ready to serve up to 200 meals. They will also deliver to your home, however that is reserved for those who are sick or quarantined.

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  1. The Medical Industrial Complex long ago abandoned the Hippocratic oath in favor of profit. The Columbia Health Department is a member in good standing, and possibly the worst source of any guidance regarding your health. Back in the 1970s, there was a lightly covered but huge scandal involving thousands and thousands of women getting hysterectomies for no justifiable medical reason whatsoever. For money. I know, because my mother was one of them. So what exactly are they most “expert” in? Your health, or extracting your wealth? They are NOT saints. There are good doctors, probably most of them are, but they aren’t in charge of the propaganda. Those that are in charge, like Fauci, say you should damage your overall health with masks, and destroy your economic, social, and psychological health with restriction of movement and gathering, and damage your immune system with stress, to keep you from catching a virus that is no more dangerous than ordinary influenza. A virus that has never been definitively proven to exist, that is the cause of a “pandemic” that has failed to increase world wide overall deaths from all causes this year over the previous two years. It’s a lie.

  2. Could it be, that the induced stress has so damaged immune systems that illnesses cause more severe symptoms, leading to increased hospitalization? The trouble with experts, even those without ulterior motives, is that being experts, they are typically well versed in a very narrow window of cause and effect. They simply cannot see the full scope of consequences their solutions may cause.

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