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‘Trump Parade’ draws hundreds in Mexico


Hundreds showed up to a 'Trump Parade' which turned some heads in Mexico, Mo. Saturday.

"I think a lot of folks are paying attention to this election i think it's one of the biggest elections that this country has ever seen," said Dusty Blue, the event coordinator.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs with flags and memorabilia supporting President Trump made their way through the city streets at around 1 p.m.

Blue, says the people are tired of seeing others destroy buildings in cities across the states and want to see this president be reelected.

"We want to go and work, make money, provide for our families, have fun and, you know, the radical left is trying to take that away from us by all the socialism and mandates and regulations that they're trying to do," Blue said. "We're trying to stand up against that and I think that showed pretty clear today here in just the small town of Mexico."

The event dubbed the 'TRUMP 2020 VEHICLE PARADE' amassed roughly 1,1000 interested engagements.

Blue said he put up a 53 ft 'Trump trailer' in Jefferson City and had to replace another on East Liberty Street in Mexico after it was defaced earlier this year.

Chris Hull, who sells President Trump merchandise at rallies says the president is somewhat of a rockstar.

"We've been doing this for about two months and it's like a rockstar event, when you go to these events we sell out," Hull said. "Today, we brought 75 flags and we're down to about 30."

Event coordinators worked with Mexico Public Safety to ensure a safe event but it was clear not everyone in town was in favor of the parade.

"They're just showing off, they just want to start something," said Tyra Belcher, a Mexico resident. "I don't think its right."

The movement started at Fischer Body Shop and wrapped up near the Midwest Exchange.

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Zach Boetto

Zach Boetto started working with ABC 17 News in June after graduating from California State University-Channel Islands with a degree in organizational communication. He reports weekday evenings and weekend mornings.



  1. “They’re just showing off, they just want to start something”.
    No doubt they do. A good thing to start would be to stop the wholesale destruction of our wealth, sanity, and social interaction for the stated purpose of protecting us from a virus no more dangerous than ordinary influenza. While Trump is by no means innocent of playing this psyop, he’s at least more amenable to disposing of it, however slightly.

  2. So nice to see “Event coordinators worked with Mexico Public Safety” before the event. So different from all the protests in Columbia that blocked streets, delayed an ambulance trying to get to the hospital, closed down public meetings and made the City Council run away in fear, and assaulted people in cars trying to get through intersections. Columbia did not enforce disturbing the peace laws for any of these protests. Every City Council person violated their oath of office.

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