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Jefferson City middle schools prepare for temporary move to online-only classes

Jefferson City School District banner
Jefferson City School District banner


A parent said Thursday that she's uncertain about the shift to online learning at Thomas Jefferson and Lewis and Clark middle schools.

The Jefferson City School District sent a letter home to families of students Wednesday explaining the schools are making a temporary move to online learning. The transition was prompted by staffing shortage related to coronavirus exposure outside of school.

The district is also lacking enough substitute teachers to keep a safe learning environment for students, according to the letter.

Susan Sanker, a parent at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, is nervous about the transition to temporary online learning.

"My daughter has a learning disability so she needs extra resources," she said. "It will be a real challenge for me to work and help her at the same time."

However, Sanker also works for JC Schools and understands the staffing problems the district is currently facing.

"I completely understand their logic to close, but at the same time as a parent it's a whole different story," she said.

Sanker said right now the district needs more substitutes in order to have enough staff to cover when one needs to quarantine because of exposure or a positive test.

The last day for middle school students to be in-seat this week will be Thursday, and students will return to in-person classes on Oct. 19 at the earliest.

"That makes me nervous that there is no end, the 'at the earliest' makes me nervous to see how long this is going to last," Sanker said.

The district plans to keep schedules the same even after transitioning to distance learning.

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