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President Trump could return to the White House as soon as Monday


The President's multidisciplinary medical team said President Trump could be discharged from the hospital as soon as Monday.

The medical team gave an update outside of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Sunday around 10:45 a.m.

During the update, Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump's physician, mentioned they provided the President with oxygen on Friday morning at the White House.

The President's doctors said he was experiencing a high fever on Friday and received supplemental oxygen for about an hour.

Dr. Conley said the President experienced two episodes of transient drops in oxygen levels, the first on Friday morning, the second on Saturday. He said the President received Dexamethasone therapy yesterday and they plan to continue those treatments. Dexamethasone is known as a steroid.

Dr. Sean Dooley, who is part of the multidisciplinary unit, said the President remains without fever since the instance on Friday, he currently has no shortness of breath and has been walking around without limitation.

Dr. Brian Girabali, also part of the physician team, said the President received a second dose of Remdesivir on Sunday.

The doctors said the President is not experiencing any side effects and his liver and kidney levels normal.

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