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Safety measures in place for Columbia’s “Food Trucks in the Park” event


The Columbia Parks and Recreation held "Food Trucks in the Park" events at parks throughout Columbia on Wednesday with COVID-19 precautions in place.

The events took place at Cosmo, Comso-Bethel and Stephens Lake parks, with two vendors at each location.

Masks were required and social distancing was enforced.

Columbia Parks and Recreation's Recreation Specialist Cassie Brandt said only a hundred people were allowed at the event at once and encouraged one family member to order the food for everyone to help limit gatherings. 

"We don't want to attract massive crowds," Brandt said. "And obviously more vendors means more people are likely to come out for their specific favorite. We want each vendor to do well to prosper and... not overcrowd parks."

Brandt submitted the "Food Trucks in the Park" event plan to the health department to make sure the precautions were allowed. She said the health department approved most of the plan, but tweak a few things.

Brandt said health officials did not want live performers at the events due possibly attracting more crowds.

Fresh Lemonade Co. was a business that participated in the event. Luke Kindle, Co-owner said they were fine with following all the needed guidelines as they were glad they were able to finally participate in an event amid COVID-19.

"COVID really just wiped out our entire festival season," Kindle said. "All of our revenue that we had from previous years that's where it came from. And so when we get to do something like this, it really helps us, number one generate revenue and get out to see the community, the way we like to be out there."

Many of the event goers who said they didn't think twice about attending because they knew precautions were set and would be enforced.

"Food Trucks in the Park" is expected to continue throughout the year on every first and third Wednesday of each month.

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