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MU football canceled practice to focus on social justice


Mizzou football said it decided to cancel practice on Friday focus on the current state of our country.

Missouri joined Mississippi State and Kentucky in deciding not to practice on Friday.

"We desire to use our platform as college student-athletes to shed light on the injustices that are plaguing our country and to help promote change," the team said in a statement.

MU has a closed scrimmage scheduled on Saturday. There is no word yet on if that will be played or not.

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  1. “Mizzou football said it decided to cancel practice”.

    Has journalism ceased to exist? Mizzou football didn’t say anything, a person did. Who was it?

    How profound. Cancelling practice will solve all our problems. No statement of what “inequality” they are combating, or how such cancellation will combat it.

    May have just as well said “We are joining the Snowflake SJW Wokesters in their objection to every single thing they do not approve of. We applaud them for their ambition in finding offense wherever possible.”

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