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Checking back in on re-opening efforts at a Columbia Church

Family Worship Center in Columbia


Columbia has laid out guidelines for places of worship looking to re-open amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Those guidelines include asking those places of worship to hold their services online. The city then goes on to list the plethora of mediums available to do so such as Zoom and Facebook Live.

The city goes on to say if a place of worship does decide to hold in person services, to hold multiple. This makes it easier to abide by social distancing guidelines and clean and disinfect in between services.

The city is also asking members and attendee's to mail in donations, or do so online through apps such as Venmo, CashApp and Zelle.

Tom Leuther, a Pastor with Family Worship Center in Columbia, said back in May that he planned on holding services online as well as on the radio.

Leuther hoped that this would encourage some to come to the Church and listen to the service from their cars. He also planned on implementing social distance practices such as marking off seating, and having hand sanitizer readily available.

Crews spoke with the Pastor again today, and he said that everything has been going well since last check.

Leuther is practicing what he called, "common sense Christianity." He said that everyone has been understanding, and courteous of one another.

Leuther spoke about the challenges of the guidelines. He said masks have made it hard to read body language, and he is sometimes unsure if someone wants him to approach. Leuther is now asking if it's okay before he shakes someones hand, or giving them a hug.

The pastor went on to say that the masks aren't enjoyable to wear, but if it makes others feel more comfortable and safe, he's all for it.

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