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IN DEPTH: Boone County’s COVID-19 cases in May


Boone County has kept its average daily case gains below one for throughout May.

The county added nine cases of COVID-19 since May 1, but the seven-day average of cases over that time has remained below one, according to an analysis done by ABC 17 News. The county had reached an average of zero on May 16, but five new cases over the last two days has driven the metric back up.

Health experts say that tracking new cases by average daily gains helps policy makers get a better sense of how the novel coronavirus is spreading rather than relying on one particularly high or low day. ABC 17 News calculates the average for a particular day by adding that day's new case or cases and the six days prior.

The blue bars represent the cases added that day. Days without a bar mean the health department did not announce a new case that day.
The red line represents the seven-day average of cases for that day.

The four new cases announced by the Columbia/Boone County Health Department represent the first new cases in the county since May 9. The county's seven-day average on May 16 was the first time it was that low since the county's first confirmed case in mid-March.

Health department spokesman Lucio Bitoy said two of the new cases were contracted within the community, while two others were considered "travel-related" transmission. A fifth case was still under investigation on Monday night, Bitoy said.

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