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Global Military expert says a draft is highly unlikely


A Global Military expert said declaring a draft amid escalating tensions with Iran is unlikely as it would be a diplomatic process that would take a lot of time.

A draft hasn't happened since the Vietnam war, while a congressional declarational war hasn't happened since 1941 during World War II.

Columbia College's Associate Vice President of Global Military Rob Boone said all active forces, reserve forces and active ready forces would all be sent before any draft was declared.

"First and foremost we'd have to exhaust all of our active-duty forces," said Boone. "Then we go into our national guard forces, then we'd go to our air guard, then our reserved forces. Then you'd have the active ready reserve like myself, who might be brought back. And only then would you perhaps have a draft."

Boone said instituting a draft is likely not going to happen as it has to be passed through legislation.

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