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Columbia dealing with snow-related parking and sidewalk violations

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Columbia snow routes


The City of Columbia issued several violations for rules in place about winter weather this week.

Columbia Neighborhood Services had inspectors in residential areas Wednesday to make sure sidewalks were cleared. Residents are responsible for clearing sidewalks, according to the following city ordinance.

All persons are hereby required to keep the sidewalks in front of, or adjacent to, the property or premises owned or occupied by them or under their control, within the city, clear and free from rubbish, filth, refuse, fat, oil, grease, dirt, snow, ice and from any and all obstructions and dangerous agencies of every kind and description whatsoever; and any person failing to observe the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

City Ordinance Sec. 24-12. Cleaning sidewalks.  

Property maintenance code also requires owners to keep areas used by the public safe.

All sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, parking spaces and similar areas shall be kept in a proper state of repair, and maintained free from hazardous conditions.

Property Maintenance Code 302.3 – Sidewalks and driveways

The Neighborhood Services Manager for Columbia Leigh Kottwitz said the department is sending notices to owners with a warning that future violations will be sent to the municipal prosecutor.  

Kottwitz did not have the number of violations they issued immediately available.

The city also ticketed cars parked in priority routes during the winter storm.

From Sunday at 5 p.m. through Monday morning, the city issued 51 tickets for people parked on priority routes. The city did not tow any cars.

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  1. Hope they drive careful bringing their citations and warnings to the north parkade subdivision because our streets haven’t been getting cleared for several years now.

    1. Snow plows blow treated snow back onto cleared sidewalks in central Columbia. This treated snow is much heavier than just snow. Makes cleaning sidewalks a second or third time very difficult.

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