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Phelps County officials investigating reports of scams

The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department said it is looking into various scams in the Phelps County area after getting multiple reports from citizens.

11/21/2019The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department is investigating various scams in the Phelps County area and this is...

Posted by Phelps County Sheriffs Department on Thursday, November 21, 2019

According to a Facebook post, citizens reported getting a phone call from someone identifying themselves as Sergeant Chris Finch of the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department.

This person is allegedly telling citizens that a warrant was issued for their arrest. The scammer then says that a money order is the only way to resolve or recall the warrant.

Authorities said that some complied and have fallen victim to fraud. They urge everyone to be vigilant when receiving telephone calls from unknown numbers and individuals.

Anyone receiving a call should not give any information to the caller. Officials suggest hanging up the phone and notifying local law enforcement if you receive a call.

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