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Welcome to the new ABC 17 News website

ABC 17 News and FOX 22 launched a new website Wednesday morning that will load faster and help users easily find stories.

Key features include a cleaner home page that will allow significantly faster loading times. The top stories of the day can still be found at the top of the homepage, with other important local, state and national stories also prominently displayed down the page.

A screen capture of the new ABC 17 News website homepage.

The navigation menu has been fine-tuned to focus on the most popular sections of the site, with an additional "hamburger" navigation tool that allows users to go to specialized content pages with a single click. Live videos will now be easier to find thanks for a "LIVE" button at the top right of the homepage that will take users to current live video streams when it turns red.

The new ABC 17 News website's "hamburger" navigation menu can be accessed by clicking on the three lines next to the ABC 17 News/FOX 22 logo.

User registration has also been incorporated into the new site, with a registration tool at the upper right of the home page. Users can set their default current conditions and registration allows users to leave comments on story pages.

A personalized weather page includes the latest forecast and current conditions information that can be tailored to any zip code.

The bottom of each page also features links to sign up for breaking news, severe weather and other email newsletters as well as contests and promotions and links to download the ABC 17 News mobile apps for iPhone and Android systems.

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Matthew Sanders

Matthew Sanders is the digital content director at ABC 17 News.



  1. how are we supposed to contact you for things like broadcast difficulties. E.G., this morning there was some sort of problem between 3 and 5 a.m. on ME-TV as my recorder did not pick anything up. Are you still fooling around with that new antenna?

  2. I just want to say thank you all for the hard work you all do at KMIZ from putting all the storys to gather and for the traffic reports standing outside in the cold wet weather WOW you people are a GOD SENT thank you all again. Much respect. Sincerely Chad Bowker

  3. I would like to submit my extreme disappointment on tonight’s 10:00 news cast on the matter of city council members positions being unopposed. The interview with mayor Brian Treece made me so angry that I just had to voice my opinion. He was quoted saying on camera in person that out neighborhoods are safe!!!
    Are you freaking kidding me???
    How many unsolved shootings have we had in the last 5 years???
    How many unsolved murders have we had in the last 5 years???
    Not to mention the cases that have been solved.
    Our neighborhoods all over the city of Columbia are being shot up just like a major city like Chicago or New Orleans.
    where is this guy living???
    How could he dare say our neighborhoods are safe???
    Why didn’t anyone from Chanel 17 news drill him about this serious problem our fair city had been experiencing ever since our former Mayer Darwin Heineman opened the doors to our city to Hurricane Katrina refugees (thugs) who were the first to start shooting up our city like it was a free for all shooting range.
    And don’t even get me started on why our city council members are going unopposed!!! I am extremely disappointed in the city council!!! (Can you say bought and paid for by big money developers?)
    What in the world is going on in the city I fell in love with when I moved here from a big city in 1978???
    Our city council tried to blight over one third of Columbia just a couple years ago so they could then claim eminent domain on parcels they wanted to abscond from unsuspecting landowners.
    It was only because of knowledgeable landlords who saw this for what it was, showed up to city Council meetings and squashed it before they were able to make it a law.
    You want to tell me our neighborhoods are safe???
    This is why I don’t live in Columbia anymore.

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