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Networks of Mid-Missouri restore tower signal Tuesday morning

Broadcast tower installation
ABC 17 News
Sections of The Networks of Mid-Missouri broadcast tower sit ready to raise in late September.

The Networks of Mid-Missouri switched to a new broadcast tower Tuesday morning, and the new tower is operating at full capacity.

Viewers should unplug their antennas, scan for channels, plug it back in and scan channels again to regain signal.

The project to replace the company's broadcast tower began in August and was expected to wrap up by Nov. 1. However, weather conditions last week meant the switchover could not happen because of icy conditions at 1,100 feet -- the elevation of the new tower.

Unseasonable wintry weather left more than a half-inch of ice on the tower's upper reaches. Large chunks of ice were falling from the tower Wednesday, technicians working at the site said.

Ice can be seen on the new ABC 17 News broadcast tower early Friday, Nov. 1, 2019. The icy conditions at 1,100 feet delayed the switch to the new tower.

The switchover from the temporary tower to the new permanent tower was too dangerous in those conditions, technicians said.

ABC 17 News and FOX 22 have been broadcasting from the temporary tower since the project began. Several other channels operated by The Networks of Mid-Missouri have been off-air since that time, as well.

Those channels will come back online when the permanent tower is switched on. Over-the-air viewers will have to adjust their antennas and scan for the Networks of Mid-Missouri channels to pick them up after the tower switch. Some might have to unplug antennas from their sets, scan them to wipe their memories and scan again after plugging back into their TVs.

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Matthew Sanders

Matthew Sanders is the digital content director at ABC 17 News.



  1. I haven’t been able to get a signal since Sunday. I live on the east side of Sedalia. During the changeover I had spotty reception, not as good as a few months ago.

  2. We was receiving all the 17s prior to the new tower and now, we have reset and rescanned several times per the instructions and still no luck. You may give my email to the engineers in hopes they can help us too. Thank you.

    1. I have not gotten any help in my email for support with this issue . Can you provide any help please? Suggestions for anything I can try that I have not already? Thank you!

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