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Health officials encouraging flu vaccine after busy season in 2018-2019

Doctors are advising people to get their flu shots coming off a 2018-2019 flu season the CDC says was longer than other recent seasons.
“Flu season is here already we start seeing cases in October so now is the time to get the vaccine, flu season runs through April, May and the highest numbers they see are in November, December, January so really now is the time to get protected,” said Dr. Christelle Ilboudo, an MU Health Care infection disease expert.

The CDC said in its 2018-2019 flu season report that the season differed from others because of two waves of influenza A activity.

“It’s hard to know, so they base the vaccine on predictions on what we think the season is going to look like, so were hoping for 30 to 40 percent which is typically where the flu vaccines lie in terms of how well it matches with what we have seen in the community,” Dr. Ilboudo said.

According to the CDC, vaccine effectiveness was up during the 2018-2019 season at 47 percent compared to past seasons, with 2018 at 38 percent effectiveness and 2017 at 40 percent.

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