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2 of 3 Boone County restaurants had critical violation in past year

The Columbia/Boone County Public Health Department has inspected more than 670 restaurants, taverns, grocery stores and convenience stores in the past year.

Of the 676 inspections ABC 17 News crews dug through, less than half of those eateries — 258 — came away without a single critical violation from the health department.

That means two out of every three Boone County restaurants you enter have had a critical violation in the past year.

But, how did Boone county restaurants shape up this week? Let’s take a look.

MAP: Eatery inspections March 13-20

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with inspection information.

Restaurants inspected this week:

Slim Chickens: 3/20

Three critical violations: Soiled microwave, items in coolers were not at the correct temperatures. Two non-critical violations: Coca-Cola machine has mold and sludge build up in the drainage line and items were not labeled.

Burger King (Business Loop): 3/14

Two critical violations: Pans were put away as clean, but the inspector noted they were soiled , the tea pitcher is stained and the ice bin is soiled on the interior sides and the inside of the lid. One non-critical violation: Chicken tender boxes were stored unprotected in the storage room.

Jimmy John’s (West Broadway): 3/19, follow-up scheduled for 3/22

One critical violation: Slime mold in the ice machine.

Klik’s: 3/19

One critical violation: Soiled soda gun holder. One noncritical violation: Seals on multiple coolers are in disrepair.

Subway (Business Loop): 3/13

Three non-critical violations: Parts of the ceiling is in disrepair, soiled floor, cabinet and broken and missing wall tiles.

Wing Stop: 3/15

One critical violation: Soiled and cracked spatulas on a clean dish rack. Two non-critical violation: Exterior of the ice bucket is soiled and the cutting boards were deeply scarred.

Peking Restaurant: 3/18, follow-up scheduled 3/22

Four non-critical violations: Onions stored in a closet, alcohol stored on the floor, cloth napkin was used as a lid over vegetables and an ice scoop was stored in the ice bin.

Moser’s Grocery (N Keene St.): 3/13

One critical violation: Chicken and pork products stored above fish, which could cause cross-contamination. Three non-critical violations: No covered trash can in the women’s bathroom, cell phone was sitting on a cutting table, the floor where the meat is stored is soiled and there is dirt build-up underneath the shelving.

The Grind (Rangeline Street): 3/20

Two critical violations: Spray bottles containing sanitizer and food were labeled incorrectly. Two non-critical violations: Cloths used for wiping counters and other equipment were stored improperly and employee food was stored improperly.

Root Cellar: 3/19

One critical violation: No soap at the hand washing sink in the kitchen. Two non-critical violations: No thermometer in every cooler and vents and fans need to be cleaned and free of dust.

Sonic (Nifong Blvd.): 3/15

One non-critical violation: Soiled air vents throughout the facility.

HyVee (Conley Road): 3/15

One non-critical violation: Ice machine has slime mold build-up. The inspector also noted the department recommended cleaning under the pet food aisles.

Jack in the Box: 3/13

One critical violation: Meat trays were soiled, but put away as if they were clean. One non-critical violation: Part of the ice machine is soiled.

The Grind Coffee House (John Gary Drive): 3/18

Four non-critical violations: Leaking pipe, floor fan is soiled, no thermometer in a cooler and a cooler gasket is in disrepair.

44 Stone: 3/15

Three non-critical violations: Wall and floor under the dish machine is soiled, new sealant needed and rubber gaskets in disrepair.

Break Time (West Vawter School Road): 3/18

Two critical violations: Potentially hazardous foods were not date-labeled (inspector said they were thrown away) and no paper towels in the women’s restroom or in a kitchen hand sink. One non-critical violation: Soiled drain.

Pizza Hut (Nifong Blvd): 3/18

Two critical violations: Utensils used to serve food were not rinsed and sanitized every four hours and sanitizing buckets were weak. One non-critical violation: Food handlers cards were not on-site during the inspection.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: 3/18

One critical violation: Potentially hazardous foods were not the correct temperature. One non-critical violation: Cookies were not labeled correctly.

Honey Baked Ham: 3/18

One non-critical violation: Sugar was not labeled with a “common name” and cheese out of its original package needed to be labeled.

Peggy Jean’s Pies: 3/19, follow-up scheduled for 3/22

One critical violation: Sanitizer concentration was too low. One non-critical violation: Food items were stored on the floor.

Charley’s Steakery (Columbia Mall): 3/15

One critical violation: Food was not date-labeled.

Subway (South Ninth Street): 3/20

One critical violation: Sanitizer was too weak. Two non-critical violations: Soiled water nozzle and employee drink was on a table that touches food.

Steak N Shake (Clark Lane): 3/14

One non-critical violation: One employee was not using a hair restraint.

Spring Mart: 3/19

Two non-critical violations: No thermometer in cold-food storage units and employee drinks were stored with restaurant food.

Panda Express: 3/20

One non-critical violation: Every employee and manager needs a copy of their food-handler card and the inspector notes the back hand sink was blocked when they arrived, but immediately fixed.

Smoothie King (East Broadway): 3/19

One non-critical violations: Employees are missing their food-handlers’ cards.

Trail Boss BBQ and Catering: 3/19

One critical violation: No sanitizer was in the dish machine.

If a critical violation cannot be fixed while the inspector is completing the inspection, a follow-up inspection is scheduled, which are listed on the above reports.

Follow ups are, “scheduled to assure the violation has been addressed,” the Health Department’s Assistant Director Scott Clardy said.

If no follow-up date is listed, the establishment fixed its critical violations before the inspector left.

Establishments with zero violations at the time of inspection:

Break Time (Old 63 South): 3/15 – corrected its critical violations from 3/13. Candlelight Lodge: 3/18 Dollar Tree (Conley Road): 3/15 – No violations, but the inspector noted they discussed damaged cans, cleaning out the ice-cream cooler and improperly stored employee drinks. Dollar General (Ashland): 3/13 HH Fastlane: 3/14 Love Oak Tree: 3/18 Moser’s Delicatessan: 3/13 McGinty’s Pub: 3/18 McNally’s Irish Pub: 3/13, fixed its critical violations from 3/8. Petro Mart (E. St. Charles Road), fixed its critical violations from 3/12, motor oil is now stored away from food. Ruby Tuesday: 3/18 Stoney Creek Inn (Tavern): 3/18 Thirsty Turtle: 3/19 Wiseguys: 3/13, fixed its critical violations including cleaning the grease hood that could drip onto food from 3/8. Sign up for email news alerts by clicking here

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