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Drivers urged to use caution in wet conditions


First responders are warning drivers to slow down during Tuesday’s weather.

Barrett Glascock with the Southern Boone Fire Protection District said one of the biggest issues they see during severe weather is hydroplaning — when drivers lose control of cars while driving over water on the road.

Glascock said the district is constantly training its firefighters for emergency situations such as severe weather.

“We put out a bulletin,” Glascock said. “A bulletin to all of our firefighters and emergency personnel so that they’re aware of it.”

According to the highway patrol, troopers have already had to deal with several hydroplaning incidents.

Patrol Sgt. Scott White said drivers should do the following during severe weather:

Drive slowly, even if it is slower than the speed limit. Always wear a seatbelt. Leave space between their car and the car in front of them. If drivers have wipers running, their headlights should also be on.

“You may be a good driver, but you can’t predict what everyone else is going to do,” White said. “So definitely pay attention out there and wear your seatbelt in case something does happen.”

ABC 17 News Team


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