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Jefferson City man charged with first- degree murder posted on Facebook day of stabbing

ABC 17 News

ABC 17 News is continuing to uncover more about an accused killer after he reportedly stabbed two people to death.

Brandon Rapier is accused of stabbing his ex- girlfriend and another man to death.

Court documents show Rapier posted to Facebook nearly twelve hours before the stabbing happened. ABC 17 News looked into the several Facebook posts from Rapier, which stated the following:

“I will have it no other way. I am judge, jury, and my favorite, executioner.”

“Never wanted to put anyone down so much in my life. Welcome to degradation.”

“If you caught your friend that you would betray in bed with your x that you loved to absolute death… How would you react? What would you do?

Kelli Canada, University of Missouri School of Social Work said, “It’s hard for us to understand completely the compelling need for some people to post a lot.”

Canada said a “couple that has a history of violence it’s a good indicator that it could happen again.”

According to police, Rapier attacked his ex-girlfriend back in 2014; this time killing her.

Tracy Perkins with Boone County Cyber Crimes Unit says, “Some people might say I didn’t mean that, but you have to be really careful you have to think of the end result.”

So when do you report something out of the ordinary on social media?

According to Canada, “When someone says I’m going to kill someone, I want to kill myself, those are pretty clear indicators that there is a risk and that is a clear indicator someone should take action.”

The Boone County Cyber Crimes Unit says the most common type of social media threat has to deal with relationships, whether that be with an ex, family, or friends.

ABC 17 News Team


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