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New details emerge involving incident with Green-Beckham

Dorial Green-Beckham will not be arrested after an investigation into an alleged physical incident, according to a news release from Columbia Police. The release says the investigation involving Green-Beckham is complete.

But according to a police report, the Missouri star allegedly pushed a female down the steps at Brookside Townhomes. The report also shows a text message correspondence in which Green-Beckham’s girlfriend asked the female victim to not press charges against her boyfriend.

The reporting officer states that since the victims in the case declined prosecution, he requested the arrest warrant for Dorial Green-Beckham be dropped.

MU football spokesperson Chad Moller said Green-Beckham remains suspended indefinitely.

The report says the victim contacted an officer on the case and requested to not have charges pressed against Dorial Green-Beckham. The report states the victim signed a decline to prosecute form “due to perceived pressure she may receive by pursuing charges against Mr. Green-Beckham.”

Records state the Missouri wide receiver arrived the apartment Sunday morning where the alleged incident occurred. Someone living at the apartment opened the front door, believing there were guests arriving. The roommate shut the door when noticing Green-Beckham stood at the door. Records say Green-Beckham pushed the door open, forcing his way inside the apartment.

The report continues by saying the former Springfield Hillcrest football player then went down the stars to find his girlfriend. A female victim was also on the stairs. Green-Beckham allegedly pushed the victim with two hands, which caused her to fall at least four stairs. She landed on the floor. Green-Beckham then left with his girlfriend.

The female victim also sustained injuries, the investigating officer writes in the report. She had “slight bruising and swelling of her right wrist and had limited movement of her fingers on her right hand.” The report states she did not want immediate medical attention.

Later Sunday afternoon, the victim went to the Columbia Police Department. The victim said she did not want to press charges against Green-Beckham because, according to the police report, “she was afraid of the media and community backlash since Green-Beckham is a football player for the University of Missouri and is possibly going to be in the NFL draft soon.”

Columbia Police’s report also shows text correspondence between the female victim and Dorial Green-Beckham’s girlfriend. Below are the text messages listed in the report with redacted names.

Girlfriend: I want to talk to you about what’s going to happen. I know you’re so upset and I am too. Dorial was wrong in every way and you have every right to be furious. I’m not sticking up for him but football really is all he has going for him and pressing charges would ruin it for him completely. I agree that something should be done- whether that’s paying for what he did with money or a different way. I really just want all of us to move past this and not have this happen again by completely being done with him. I can’t do this anymore. Now he’s hurting my friends not just me. I really am so sorry you’re in this position and I never meant for this to happen.

Girlfriend: I love you!

Victim: And the problem is he didn’t mind throwing that down the drain lastnight.

Girlfriend: I know, (Victim). It wasn’t right at all. No part of me wants to be with him and last night made me realize so much. I’m not sticking up for him, but it’s the rest of his life. he deserves to pay somehow but without football he really does have nothing. He wouldn’t have nothing. He wouldn’t make it in a real job. He’d be n the streets and in prison like his brothers. I understand how upset you are. I am too- he drug me out by my kneck and hurt me too. Him hurting my friends hurts me more than you know and like I said it made me realize so much. I really am done. Just please think about it before you do anything I’m begging you.

Girlfriend: Reports are already being let out. This is going to be a huge deal if you press charges. It’ll be over for him. Please (Victim).

Victim: I have no control over what is out That’s not in my hands.

Girlfriend: Do you know what’s going on or you’re going to do.

Girlfriend: Is your hand okay? Are you okay? Mom said she can help fix your wall herself. She’s done it plenty of times.

Girlfriend: I don’t think Dorial should be let off at all bc he needs to be shown that he can’t just do whatever he wants bc of who he is. Have you thought about making him do classes, or counseling, and pay your hospital bill?

Girlfriend: Can you call me? Or the police department? And not have him arrested.

Victim: Him being arrested isn’t my doing. That’s Anyone that has a reports made on them. My mom will talk to him at some point.

Girlfriend: John wants your moms number please. It’s serious and I’m sorry I don’t mean to upset you i jus want to be done with this and let him go. I don’t want to deal with this either.

Victim: _______ she’s at a basketball game and is not in town and said she’s not having me go down there or make any decisions without her there so there’s nothing I can do.

Victim: She can talk in 30 minutes over the phone.

Girlfriend: Okay. The best thing would be is for us all to go together or you call when your mom and you talk. And if you didn’t want to press charges just say we all had a lot to drink and what not everything is fine. It jus needs to be quickly. Dorial doesn’t have a phone or he would be talkjg to you not me.

Victim: “There’s a police report made on it and that would be lying, so basically everything on paper is made up is what I would be saying.”

Girlfriend: “Can you please call them? Please (victim). Ask what you can do.”

Victim: “My mom said they can call her in 10 minutes.”

Girlfriend: All his dad is asking is to let the police know that you aren’t pressing charges. That’s all he needs before this investigation happens.”

Girlfriend: “We’re running out of time.”

Girlfriend: “And he’ll pay you for all the damages done. Guaranteed.”

Girlfriend: “If you aren’t pressing charges it needs to be done by 6, (victim). Please do something quickly it’s going to be a distaster, I know you’re upset but this is a huge deal. Please work with him and his family.”

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