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Safety officials warn trick-or-treaters of dangers

Safety officials are asking parents and children outside trick-or-treating should be extra careful because Halloween is considered the deadliest day for a child pedestrian.

Government numbers show there are more than double the average number of child fatalities on Halloween than any other day..

Safety officials urge parents to do things like travel in groups and make sure vision is good by not having a mask on. But they said the best thing you can do is make sure you are visible to drivers and other.

Firefighters said by having bright outfits or a reflective strip to make drivers aware and decrease the chances of something bad happening.

According to a study done by State Farm, Halloween outnumbers the second deadliest day by about 30 deaths. The most dangerous time is at about 6 p.m., but parents and children should be very cautious between the times of 5-9 p.m.

“Those kids that are out there, and adults as well, should stay off the street stay on the sidewalk. Only cross at crosswalks and be alert, don’t run between houses, watch for cars backing out of driveway,” Columbia Fire Department Captain John Metz said.

Firefighters couldn’t remember the last time there was an accident on Halloween in Columbia and they hope that can stay the same.

ABC 17 News Team


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