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Hackers Target Email

Both former Presidents George HW and George W Bush are now the victim of a hacker, and it has lead to a criminal investigation. The hacker got private photos and emails between the bush family that included phone numbers, home addresses and entry codes. ABC 17 News wanted to know if your email is at risk of being hacked and met with computer specialists and law enforcement to find out. “The breach of information is scary, and having someone’s email hacked is also very scary,” said computer repair technician Mike Bellman. It’s a fear all internet users have to face, someone breaking into your e-mail and getting any private information you’ve shared. When ABC 17 News asked if the Boone County Cyber Crimes Unit see people getting their emails hacked, Andy Anderson said “Actually we do, we see emails getting hacked, and social networking sites get hacked.”The easiest way to let someone into your email is leaving your device unsecured in the public. Even without access to your electronic device though, criminals can still gain access to your email. “Having a weak pass word in of itself is a security risk, in the same way leaving your door unlocked is a security risk,” said Bellman.Experts said to protect yourself make it harder for your email to be a target. First by having a strong password that has multiple letters, numbers, and capital letters. Also, don’t send personal information like credit card or account numbers.”The more information you put in email and send to someone, well now that’s two sources of information that potentially have to ability to be breached if either of those accounts gets breached that information can be captured by someone with ill intent.”If your email does get hacked, police say most often the person on the other side of the computer isn’t a stranger. “Number one report it to the police, it can be investigated, most often when emails are hacked it’s by someone we know which means most often its local,” said Anderson.Police said more often than not hackers use the information to try to get money, send spam to people friends, or simply harass the person they have hacked. Police urge people to also watch out for fake emails that disguise themselves as a friend. A good rule of thumb is to not send money or information over the email to anyone, even if they claim to be a bank or law enforcement.Computer experts said it’s rare for hackers to get detailed information from emails. However, just in case, make sure to delete any unnecessary emails in your inbox and try to change your password a few times a year.

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