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Missouri secretary of state warns about an increase in Mexico timeshare scams


Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is warning about a recent increase in schemes targeting owners of timeshare properties in Mexico.

These scams include people claiming to be from a brokerage firm, travel agency, title company or an escrow agent who is making contact with owners over the phone.

“With the advance of technology and the availability of personal information online, fraudsters prey upon the good nature of citizens through sophisticated schemes to steal and deceive,” said Ashcroft in a release. “If you receive an unsolicited call, take the time to investigate before turning over any of your hard-earned money.”

Fraudsters may promise to pay a significant sum of money for the timeshare or claim the owner is entitled to valuable shares of stock in connection with the property according to the release. The scammers will sometimes use very official-looking documents, including contracts and title paperwork.

Some of the scammers have even gone as far as posing as representatives of the Mexican government demanding money.

Anyone who thinks they have been contacted by these kinds of scammers can call the attorney general's consumer fraud hotline or online to file a complaint.

If you receive a solicitation or suspect a family member or loved one is being contacted for this kind of activity, call the toll-free investor production hotline at 800-721-7996, or go online to to file a complaint.

ABC 17 News Team


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