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Columbia City Council to discuss COVID-19 relief

Columbia City Hall
Columbia City Hall


The Columbia City Council is scheduled to meet Monday at 7 p.m. to discuss, among other topics, COVID-19 relief and a growth impact study group.

The COVID-19 ordinance expected to be discussed said it would authorize the city manager to, "make applications and execute all necessary documents for federal and state funding related to the COVID-19 public health emergency."

According to a council memo, the legislation would be a formality to ensure the authority is clearly established for city staff to apply various COVID-19 emergency funding grants, submit required certifications and assurances, execute grant offers and supplemental grant amendments and submit any other required information on behalf of the city.

The legislation would also ratify prior actions with the city in regards to CARES Act funding.

The ordinance is scheduled to go through a first reading Monday and will not be voted on.

The council will also be considering a resolution establishing a Growth Impact Study Working Group. This would be done in an effort to assist the city's consultant with a Growth Impact Study for fiscal year 2021.

The working group would be a seven person team and would assist the consultant in areas of research, public education and involvement and comment on the consultant's work as it progresses.

The working group would not be producing their own report, rather just offer local perspective to the consultant.

The budget for the group is $75,000 and the city said it would take them no longer than seven to nine months.

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  1. Other interesting topics on the City Council agenda include:

    Update on the “Defund-the-Police” Stakeholder group. The City reached out to every anti-police group that has protested in Columbia this year but the City did not invite any pro-police groups, people who support law and order, and representatives of the traveling public who were unlawfully restrained and had their cars damaged by protesters blocking streets to participate. The City is not even trying to follow their own values of diversity and inclusivity with these “stakeholders.” Its just woke virtue signaling and coddling politically preferred groups who break the law.

    A letter from the Youth Advisor Council, that was obviously written with a lot of adult help, who “feel compelled to put into writing” asking City Council to “desist” from shutting off deadbeat’s utilities.

    Councilman Ian Thomas’ requested report on police choke holds. Thomas, in another example of woke virtue signaling, wants to ban choke holds under any circumstances. As one who really likes data driven decisions, I am sure Thomas will really appreciate the point in the report from a national level expert that states: “In most agencies, choke holds and neck restraints are infrequently used, and as a result the banning of these practices has become largely symbolic rather than leading to meaningful reductions in the frequency and severity of use of force.” The Police Chief summarizes “By removing a ‘deadly force’ option (choke holds), it would actually increase the lethality of a deadly force encounter in some instances.” The City Council could actually cause the police to shoot more people by banning choke holds. We have such great leaders.

  2. How about disposing of the need for COVID releif? The economic, social, and psychiatric effects of the local Health Department edicts are far more damaging to our health than COVID could be. It’s an inconvenient fact, for the tyrants, that it is no more dangerous than ordinary influenza. Less dangerous than some strains have been, and NOTHING of such scale was ever implemented in response. Stop wearing the largely useless masks. They do more harm than good. In the first place they won’t prevent what they are supposed to prevent. There is nothing in the edicts that requires you to wear one that is the least bit effective, and there are health risks in wearing them. They only serve as an illusion of protection, facts need not be applied.

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