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Ticketmaster to pay $10 million in fines after admitting to illegally accessing competitor’s computers

Ticketmaster entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York and will pay $10 million in fines to resolve charges that it accessed the computer systems of a competitor without authorization. “Ticketmaster employees repeatedly — and illegally — accessed a competitor’s computers without authorization using stolen passwords to unlawfully collect business intelligence,”

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Sears is dying a quiet, invisible death

Sears has made it through another holiday shopping season. Just barely. Once the nation’s leading retailer up through the 1980s, the company that now owns the Sears and Kmart chains emerged from bankruptcy less than two years ago. It avoided another trip to bankruptcy court this year as the Covid-19 pandemic sent department store chains

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New York Post to Donald Trump: Stop the insanity

President Donald Trump’s favorite newspaper has turned against him. The New York Post, in an editorial that got the front-page, giant-font treatment on Monday, told Trump he needs to give up his baseless fight to overturn the presidential election result. “Mr. President … STOP THE INSANITY,” read the front page of the tabloid, famous for

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