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Misogyny, hairdryers and foul-mouthed tirades: What we learned from Britain’s Covid-19 inquiry this week

Analysis by Rob Picheta, CNN London (CNN) — Britain’s haphazard response to the coronavirus pandemic has been thrown under further scrutiny at an inquiry this week, after a series of senior figures described disorganization, chaos and vitriol at the heart of Boris Johnson’s government. Johnson’s leadership was eviscerated by a number of his most important

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White House calls on Fox News to apologize after top host’s ‘sickening’ Islamophobic rant

Analysis by Oliver Darcy, CNN (CNN) — Fox News is showing its true colors, yet again. The right-wing television network has remained entirely silent amid fierce backlash stemming from Islamophobic comments made on its top-rated show, “The Five,” by one of its top hosts, Jesse Watters. In an astonishing and ugly rant, Watters on Wednesday said that he was fed up

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Opinion: The right-wing’s opposition to abortion is not about saving or protecting women lives

Opinion by Jill Filipovic (CNN) — A year and a half after Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices overturned Roe v. Wade and stripped the constitutional right to abortion from American women, the Republican Party has been floundering. It turns out that the American public is broadly pro-choice, according to a CNN poll from August, and many voters are horrified

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