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Ultraprocessed foods linked to heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and early death, study finds

By Sandee LaMotte, CNN (CNN) — Eating ultraprocessed foods raises the risk of developing or dying from dozens of adverse health conditions, according to a new review of 45 meta-analyses on almost 10 million people. “We found consistent evidence linking higher intakes of ultra-processed foods with over 70% of the 45 different health outcomes we assessed,”

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Certain types of ‘forever chemicals’ will no longer be used in US food packaging, FDA says

By Brenda Goodman, CNN (CNN) — Certain kinds of greaseproofing “forever” chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, will no longer be used in food packaging in the US, the US Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday. The FDA’s food studies have shown that food packaging materials like fast-food wrappers, microwave popcorn bags and

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Seven measles cases are linked to Manatee Bay Elementary in Weston

Additional measles case reported at Florida elementary school as lawmaker urges public health emergency

By Amanda Musa, CNN (CNN) — Seven measles cases have now been linked to an outbreak at Manatee Bay Elementary in Weston, Florida, the Broward County schools superintendent said Tuesday. The Florida Department of Health is reporting 10 cases statewide. The additional cases were reported as lawmakers and health officials from across the country are

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A single mother speaks out on how the ‘tradwife’ lifestyle led to her divorce

By Taylor Nicioli, CNN (CNN) — Sporting retro ’50s hairstyles and cinched aprons, “tradwife” influencers have taken over a pocket of the internet. These traditional wives who showcase 30-second videos of homemade sourdough bread content, and other glimpses into the making of a perfect home, are no ordinary stay-at-home moms. They steadfastly believe in traditional gender

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New data shows asthma medicine may help reduce severe reactions in people with multiple food allergies

By Amanda Musa, CNN (CNN) — A new study finds that the asthma medication Xolair may substantially reduce severe allergic reactions in people who have multiple food allergies and are accidentally exposed to those foods. Data published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that repeated injections of the medication over the course of several

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