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Boone County clerk and post office team up for election event

Mail-in ballots
Mail-in ballots wait at the Boone County Clerk's Office on Oct. 23, 2020.


The Boone County clerk received a transfer of absentee ballots from a postal carrier on Friday.

Brianna Lennon said voter turnout so far has been "phenomenal." The clerk said over 17,000 people have already cast their ballot in Boone County. She compared it to just over 5,000 votes cast at this point in time four years ago.

Lennon said she has been working very closely with the post office to ensure every ballot that gets mailed back to their office is on time. The clerk said US Postal Service has done a fantastic job so far.

The post office has a strict process to ensure every mail-in ballot is safe.

Lennon said there have not been any issues with mail-in ballots even with a steady stream being received.

The clerk urged all area voters with ballots to turn them in as soon as possible to ensure they're in by the deadline on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.

While the deadline to request a mail-in ballot was Wednesday, Boone County voters can still turn them in.

If you meet one of the requirements for voting absentee voters can submit absentee ballots in-person.

It can be done at the Boone County Government Center during the week. Weekend locations have also been set up throughout the county.

Polling locations will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day. Lennon said there will be 76 polling places including two central polls at Mizzou Arena and the Boone County Government Center.

All election staff will work behind plexiglass. Additionally, staff members will sanitize polling stations after every use. Social distancing reminders will be put up throughout polling locations.

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