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Missouri state senators look to repair relationships heading into general assembly


Missouri Senate leaders will have relationships to repair this new year.

Republican lawmakers in the senate are once more at odds with each other. There seems to have been a loss of trust among the members of the Senate as the session begins.

State Senator Caleb Rowden, R-Columbia, says, "The point I would make again is that the senate is all about building relationships and having friends and I have enough friends."

That's the response from the Senate Majority leader Caleb Rowden after State Senator Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, took to the floor to address how he felt the conservative caucus was treated at the end of the legislative session last summer.

State Senator John Rizzo, D-Independence, says, "Oh I think it was just a matter of waiting your turn, he was able to get the floor and do what he did. I imagine you will see the Democrats be more like the senator from Warrensburg next week."

The Republican leadership is hopeful it can set differences aside and begin to work together on the floor this session.

State Senator Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, says, "And so sometimes the personality is getting away but at the end of the day people will be focused on that particular issue of making this place a better place to live and work, we will do good things for Missouri."

But when trust is lost on the senate floor the overwhelming slate of bills this session could make for some long nights.

Rizzo says, "You know you hear it constantly in this building your word is your bond and I think that we felt like that that was broken last year I think that obviously, the conservative caucus feels that at the same way."

Senate has hopes on a redistricting plan and getting a budget to the governers desk

ABC 17 News Team


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  1. I prefer they NOT get along. The less government does the better off we are. It’s a parasite. It produces nothing except means to collect more of our wealth.

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