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Two Randolph County residents tested for Covid-19, self-quarantined

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Randolph County Health Department
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Two residents of Randolph County are voluntarily quarantining themselves after being tested for Covid-19.

Deputy health department administrator Craig Parsons tells ABC 17 News that the two residents were tested outside the county because of their travel history. Parsons did not know where they traveled to or from.

The two make up a couple of the 73 people tested so far in Missouri for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Two of those tests have come back either positive or presumptive positive, in St. Louis County and Greene County respectively.

Parsons said the two in Randolph County have agreed to quarantine themselves. A county nurse is checking in with them daily to ask about their symptoms, such as temperature.

One resident was tested on Monday and another tested on Thursday. Results for the first resident should come back tomorrow, while results for the other are expected in one to three days, according to Parsons.

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Lucas Geisler

Lucas Geisler anchors the 5 p.m. show for ABC 17 News and reports on the latest news around mid-Missouri at 9 and 10 p.m.


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