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MoDOT reminds drivers about dangers of “black ice” as rain and melting snow cover roads

Rain and melting snow on Biz Loop
ABC17 News
Rain and melting snow on roads could cause headaches for drivers


With the mix of rain and melting snow from winter storms, the roads could continue to be slick well after icy weather passes.

The ABC Stormtrack weather team is tracking a drop in temperatures Sunday night, posing a threat for drivers during the Monday morning commute.

Spokesman for MoDOT Central District Adam Pulley said anytime there is water on the roadway with temperatures heading towards the freezing mark, there is a risk for "black ice."

"If it compiles like it is right now with melting snow plus rain, obviously the more water there is and the colder the temperatures get, the more likely ice is to develop," Pulley said.

Pulley said drivers usually can't see "black ice," because when the water on the roadway freezes quickly it has a different look than other precipitation.

"There's obviously a sheen and a shine to it, but it could look very similar to just a wet roadway," Pulley said.

Pulley says the best thing to do is to be prepared when there is a threat of icy conditions.

  • Approach icy roads, bridges and overpassed slowly
  • Make sure you aren't in cruise control
  • Have both hands on your steering wheel
  • Be prepared for the worst by having emergency supplies in your car

"Sometimes, no matter how in control or how prepared you are, bad things can happen," Pulley said.

MoDOT has more information about driving in winter on their website.

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